Get your carte grise (registration certificate)

The French registration certificate (certificat d'immatriculation) is mandatory for French and foreign drivers domiciled in France wishing to travel on public roads in France or resell their vehicle.

You bought or sold a French vehicle?

Any holder of a car must be registered, regardless of the type of car and whatever the place where it was purchased.

In case of purchase of a French vehicle

You just bought a car in France? You have one month to register the vehicle in your name. Use the form below to calculate the amount of your french registration certificate (carte grise).

In case of sale of a French vehicle

After having sold your vehicle registered in France, you must within 15 days declare the sale of the vehicle to the French authorities, by carrying out the process of registration of transfer, called "Enregsitrement de cession". You will then receive an acknowledgment of assignment.

In case of loss or theft of your French registration certificate

In case of loss or theft of a French registration certificate (gray card), you can no longer drive on the public road with your vehicle or sell it. You must declare the loss or theft of the certificate to the French authorities and then request a duplicate. If the theft of your registration certificate occurs abroad, you can declare it to the local police, but you must declare it when you return to France to the French police or gendarmerie.


In case of change of residence

The owner of a vehicle must declare, within one month, his change of residence or head office, under penalty of incurring a fine of 4th class.


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